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The Consultation

The first step in the process is the consultation. During this initial meeting, which takes place at our clinic and which typically lasts from 45 minutes to about one hour, you will discuss all aspects of your surgery first with Dr. Papanastasiou’s nurse, then with Dr Papanastasiou himself and then finally with his administrative assistant.

The consultation process is extremely thorough and ample time is allotted for any questions you may have regarding the surgery.

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The Review Appointment

Once a specific date has been chosen for surgery, you will be given a second appointment called the review appointment, which usually takes place a few weeks before the operation. The review appointment consists of a session of questions and answers with Dr. Papanastasiou. You are also given pre and postoperative instructions as well as your prescriptions for medications if necessary.

Our goal is to de-mystify the operation because ultimately, a well-informed patient is a happy patient. Our belief is that an excellent pre-operative patient assessment makes for an excellent post-operative recovery.

The Post-Operative Care

As high as our pre-operative and surgical standards are, it is our post-operative care and follow-up that sets us apart. After returning home on the evening of surgery, you will receive a personal phone call from Dr. Papanastasiou. The purpose of this call is to allay any of the initial anxieties regarding surgery and anesthesia and to provide the opportunity for you to ask any questions regarding the immediate post-operative period.

The next day, you will receive a similar phone call, this time from the doctor’s nurse, again to verify that things are on track and to answer any questions.

You are usually seen one or two days after surgery. You are also followed very closely during the first year. We also encourage our patients to return for annual visits afterwards (at no charge).

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