Labiaplasty (Nymphoplasty) At Dr. Papanastasiou’s Clinic In Montreal

Labiaplasty is also known as a nymphoplasty and consists of the reduction of the labia minora, also known as the inner lips of the vagina. Patients typically feel self conscious about the fact that the inner lips “hang” too low and are much longer than the outer lips of the vagina. When the lips are too long they may also be visible in certain types of clothing, especially bathing suits. As well they can be a source of friction and irritation during sexual intercourse.

This surgery has grown in popularity in the last few years largely due to available information on the internet. Until recently, patients were simply not aware that a surgical correction was available.

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It is a simple procedure that is done under local anesthesia, similar to what a dentist would do to freeze the area. It is performed as an out patient procedure and takes from 20-30 minutes to complete.

The recovery is usually quite uneventful and the patient is able to return to her regular activities 2 to 3 days after surgery. There is very little discomfort after the procedure. There may be some swelling, which may last from one to two weeks. There may also be some bleeding for several days, which is usually the equivalent of a menstrual period.

Sutures used during the procedure are of the resorbable variety and generally “melt” away after several weeks. Scarring is almost never visible. Sexual relations can usually be resumed about 3 weeks after the surgery (usually once the sutures have melted).

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